What if you could do some good just by
 Bingeing on your favorite things?

That's the simple idea
 behind BingeGiving.

BingeGiving | Giving Is Good. Binge Giving Is Better.

BingeGivingTM turns the world's digital activity into donations…

want to make an impact. But, not everyone has money to give.

want to do good. And they want people to know about it.

need more than just money. They need awareness and advocacy at scale.

Billions of digital actions take place 
every single day…

  • 3.5   billion global internet users
  • 5   billion mobile users
  • 6.5   trillion minutes online weekly

And with BingeGivingTM, all those actions
 can help make an impact

Watch A Video
Walk To Work
Listen To Music
Lose Weight
Play A Game
Look At Photos
Spend Time Watching
Buy Something
A social impact platform that lets you earn money for causes you care about simply by doing the things you love to do.

The Team

We are dedicated to driving social impact through technology.

Our founding team is comprised of leaders in media, entertainment, technology, and advertising – and we have come together to apply all of our experience to do good in the world. We believe passionately in applying the innovation of the tech world to serve a greater good while creating business value.

J Moses


J our CEO, has been a leader in traditional and digital media for the past three decades. read more...

Amy Kelly Golden

Sales & Marketing

Amy our President, has spent her career in digital media, with nearly 20 years experience working with major media companies, global brands and tech ventures. read more...

Justin Palma


Justin our CTO, has over 15 years of programming experience, and currently actively codes in Ruby on Rails and Swift for iOS development. read more...

Ernest Lupinacci


Ernest has consulted for such well-known companies as Apple, Google, Verizon, GE, NBCUniversal, Microsoft, Warner Bros., Regan Arts and Imagine Entertainment. read more...

Salvador Dauvergne


Salvador is an accomplished entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in technology and the hospitality industry. read more...

Giving is Good.
BingeGivingTM is Better.

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